The joy and thrill of movement

Move and play! inspires visitors to move, play and have fun together through shared activities.

This exhibition, with more than 20 amusing exhibits, also gives the opportunity to learn about the impact of physical exercise on the body. The visitors will learn what sensory processes the specific exhibit activates or requires; what physical skills it develops and what type of mental processes occur while using it.

Two thirds of the exhibits have been designed to be accessible also to visitors with  limited mobility. On the other hand, the exhibition also offers the opportunity for anyone to experience what it is like to move around in a wheelchair.

Football on the bench, Disco donut, Sailing by shouts, Team stomp, Nostalgic tennis and more. This is Move and play!

Technical information
500 m²
Ceiling height
3-5 m
Other requirements
Voltage 230V
3 (Fin, Swe, Eng)
Three 13.5 m trailers
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